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October 14, 2017

As a software engineer I encounter new languages, frameworks, and methods very often. The challenge I find is deciphering what to use and when to use it. One language that will never change in my toolbox is Javascript, especially the future of Javascript.

Lately I have been going through the codebase at work and looking for places where I can make improvements to our codebase. One of the nice add-ons that I have been using lately is destructuring to replace [Lodash] ( Get. Lodash does have some great methods that perform better than Javascript natively, but destructuring is one that I do find value in.

Here are some simple ways we can destructure objects:

const { twitter, instagram } = obj;
// twitter = ''; instagram = ''

// You can also reassign variable names for the props that you destructure
const { twitter: t, instagram: i } = obj;
// t = ''; i = ''

Defaults are also available for you to use as well.

const obj = { twitter: '' instagram: '' };

const { twitter = 'N/A', instagram = 'N/A', website = '' } = obj;
// twitter = ''; instagram = ''; website = ''

Arrays also have the ability to be destructured as well.

const arr = [1, 2];

const [a, b] = arr;
// a = 1; b = 2

The above code represents just a few examples of destructuring that we can do in ES6. There is a more comprehensive list here at ExploringJS that I recommend taking a look at.