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March 08, 2018

Lately I have been attempting to accomplish a tight rope act by cramming a lot of knowledge into my brain. This has been a real big PITA.

So here are a list of the things I am working on learning as a now 2+ years removed bootcamp graduate.

  • Apache Spark (PySpark) - This is for organizing a data pipeline for either big data analysis or machine learning
  • Tensorflow - I think this one speaks for itself.
  • Keras is a high level layer that sits on top of Tensorflow and takes a lot of the baggage code and makes it simpler.
  • C... Yes I am learning-c-the-hard-way. I wanted to take a step back as a bootcamp graduate and learn about memory management, pointers, data structures and algorithms. I am 13 or so exercises in and just getting to the the juicy stuff. This will have a follow on blog detailing my fun with C.

As you have probably noticed I am highly focused on more services related items that deal with structuring, processing, handling, and analyzing data. Data has always been fascinating to me as it holds a lot of hidden secrets.